Seat hinge close open simulation

Hello Everyone,

I would like to achive this final result as on photo attached. I would like to use rotate button to control movement of the hinge.
In attached gh file is all i did so far. I dont know hot to extract a point from a berp or how to make point move along other point. Also how to make moving part to hold its postition and not to rotate.

Thank you in advance for any tips.

seat (6.1 KB)

seat (8.4 KB)

your breps weren’t internalized so here’s an ugly setup of rotate axis. It’s hard to tell from your image, but it doesn’t look like there is any clearance for your swing arms on that sample.

Yes, Iam very sorry for this. I did it in a hurry. I will change my model and resend it. Thank you for your attention.


Hello again,

Sorry for late reply but we had vacation break :slight_smile: (1.9 KB)
hinge.3dm (44.8 KB)
I have made my project much more simple.

What I would like to get from grasshoper is 4 points and 4 breps, which I could use for other hinges.
I mean, I would like to point out the points and breps for diferent hinges. The movement part should be able to adjust.

There always will be same amount of points and breps.

Thanks you and best regards.