Layer Walk

Does Rhino have a command similar to autocad layer walk? or anything that would help filtering through layers in a large file with heaps of layers on it?

can you show what the command does?

Hi -

Not sure if this is what you are after, but the Rhino 7 WIP has a new LayerBook command.

Try using free Rhino plugin called SmartTags. It has TagsFromLayers command. This command performs Boolean operations on the layers.

Download SmartTags plugin from here:
video tutorial:
new features:

TagsFromLayers command does not work if there is “=” in layer name. (It is difficult to deselect the tags in the manager. I have to click empty space outside the manager and press Esc key.)

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Sure, this short video explains it pretty well

Im not 100% sure if its the same thing, but sadly I only have access to rhino 6 now

Nice feature. Unfortunately, Rhino doesn’t have anything nearly as dynamic as that, Layerbook in V7 can do some of that, but looks like not nearly as full-featured.

For V6 I have this script if it helps - but it’s ultra-simple - it just allows you to run up and down the layer list and look at layers one at a time.

Turns all layers off (except current) and then scrolls through all layers and
turns one on at a time. Enter goes to next layer; Ctrl+Z or any key+Enter
to go to previous layer; Esc to exit. Exits automatically at either end of list,
previous layer visibility scheme is restored. (2.4 KB)


You can do almost the same manipulation in the layer panel. Click one layer in the panel to select it. Hold Shift key while you click another layer. The second click will select all layers between the two clicks. Now click any lightbulb icon within the selected layers. Every click will toggle these layers on and off.

Unfortunately, this feature does not work in the layer pane (It is located in the status bar at the bottom of the Rhino window.)