Search facility rhino tutorials fails even on those I see there

I type spring in the search window top right and nothing is found, I see a tutorial on a simple building, I type building in that search box and again nothing is found. The search box doesnt appear to find videos that exist there.
I wish to see a tutorial on creating a tight spring, also one where it expands away from a tight coil would be useful .

Googled Rhino V5 spring making and found nothing. Most surprised nothing made by anyone, anywhere.

Search facility in vimeo rhino webpage finds all sorts of stuff nothing to do with Rhino yet got to it googling rhino vimeo tutorial.


The search window at the top of the page is for the overall website and is not specific to the tutorial page.

Do you need to design a spring or model an existing spring? Wire wound spring models can be made by creating the centerline and then using Pipe.

Modeling an existing spring.
Surprised I could find not one tut on springs. on internet anywhere.

How does one search using a keyword the McNeel video section for a subject matter ?


Simple coil spring:

Use Helix to create a centerline with the desired diameter, pitch or number of turns, and length. Rhino help includes two very short videos showing how to use Helix.

If the ends have loops or other features extend the centerline in the desired shapes using standard Rhino modeling techniques.

Use Pipe to create the wire surface around the centerline.


…still wondering how does one search for a video in McNeels video section.


managed a standard coil, helix pipe command etc.
I now need to make a spring that starts with an abutting two or three winds then expands out and ends with the same two or three abutting winds, like the spring you find in a ballpoint pen.

yet again I go to the vimeo site, I just cant fathom out how one searches on a video for springs, the search window finds springtime etc.

What site should we be using to find rhino videos and how does one search on a term like spring ?

How does one do the ball point pen type spring ?


Hi Steve - you can CageEdit the curve with its axis line as the control - rebuild the line to say8 or 10 points, set it up as a control for the helix and then move the end two or three points closer together.
ProgressiveHelix.3dm (108.3 KB)


Hi Pascal,
I was struggling on the stage ‘set it up as a control’, think I have it.
My steps are:-

  1. create helix
  2. create axis line (the command that draws helix doesnt generate an axis line as such)
  3. Rebuild command the axis line to 10 points. (degree3)
  4. Run cageEdit command, select the helix as the captive object.
  5. Select Control Object is next stage, L for line option, you get to draw a line, so not of use.
    run 4 again, select helix as captive object,
    then stage 5 select the axis, any visible control points vanish, hit enter on offered global, and control points re-appear.

select one near top and nudge upwards spiral changes.

However how do I get the pitch of the first few spirals to be the same, so that the pipe diameter of 0.5mm is touching ?

Nudging the control points is giving a visual effect and pitch is varying.


I guess I’d put a Pipe on there with History, or ApplyCurvePiping and noodle the points till the pipe looks correct.