Creating an existing spring

Hello there. I’m trying to recreate a spring that fits inside a cylinder. I can make one that matches the specs that exist but I’m not sure how to do one additional thing. That is the spring ‘fits’ inside the cylinder but it’s angled more than the pitch I get from the command. It seems the diameter is a bit more than the the interior of the cylinder it fits in and it’s fitting itself by twisting on it’s axis.

In the image you can see the curve used as well as the profile of the cylinder. What actually exists has one end of the spring up against each end of the cylinder. I thought I might get this to happen by offsetting the axis from the target points for the ends of the spiral but I can onlly get perpendicular to them.

Spring.3dm (534.4 KB)

scale1D could do the trick for you. make sure to scale it prior to piping