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I am totally bewildered by the learning videos process.
When I had V4 I had a CD tips and tricks and worked through it, each video ran for a minute or so if that, well spoken in the ‘Queens english’ as well.
I could look up a command and find it in the submenu and run the little video.
For V5 there is no CD, but a usb stick, which I have now lost.

I need to see a video on how to redraw splines using arcs without losing the shape.
Either dedicated to it or it features in the project, maybe one for laser cutting sheet steel.
I try Youtube for a quick fix, nothing.
I find Rhino3D but how does one find a video with this in ?

I am going to word this so that even a beginner can also see what path to follow.

Could someone explain to me which videos and in which order someone NEW to Rhino needs to follow.
explain where the training video sites are, unravel the jungle of options, what to start with, what to progress with and in what order etc.

I wish that the learning area be all in one place, on ONE page, with an ability to do the following :-

  1. search on a series of keywords to find videos that feature such.
  2. look at a menu showing the entire set of mini videos (those that run for a minute or so) and what commands they use
  3. look at the various courses with supplied 3dm files to see objects created and the commands featured.

so for example I use No.1 and enter the words spline redraw arc 2D and videos are found featuring all those keywords.
A pdf is searchable so maybe a pdf appears, or as a webpage is searchable the videos are listed with all content beside each one.
Yes it takes someone to list the commands in use in a video, but to be told work your way through them all, is not practical to anyone needing a quick fix., not when needing to get something off to a company and stuck for seeing how its done.

I know the forum is there but seeing a video sometimes is so very helpful.

We each have different subject matter and projects on some items may feature the command but unless we know its in there we are not going to watch a video on creating a sandal when wanting to sort out splines for laser cutting sheet metal for an aircraft part.

I hope to get a clearer picture of where the training is, also how do I get the contents of my usb stick again ?



Rhino documentation includes short, postage-stamp-size videos. In my opinion, they are generally good enough to understand how to use the commands. Tutorials have different purpose - they tell you which commands are used to solve different problems. Commercial Rhino 5 video tutorials are posted here:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | basic | made by Rob McCulloch:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Rob McCulloch:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | basic and advanced bundle | made by Rob McCulloch:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Kyle Houchens:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Rob McCulloch:
(Infiniteskills is out of business, so these links are redirected to Oreilly.)

I am surprised that you still use Rhino 5. I use Rhino 7 because, in my opinion, Rhino 6 is obsolete. (I often make simple, organic shapes with two Rhino 7 commands: SubDLoft and MultiPipe.)


I see the links are for Oreilley as you mention, I get a feeling money is involved. Does McNeel not have its own set of training videos.

What I said in my initial post is so wanted, to see a structured set of videos, made by McNeel, and featuring indication of what commands are used in each video,.

unless we know its in there we are not going to watch a video on creating a sandal when wanting to sort out splines for laser cutting sheet metal for an aircraft part.

Just where are a thought out structured set of videos (done by one brain or perhaps a committee, and not various independent bods on you tube with a whole variety of languages and inabilities to teach properly) taking a newbie from the basics through intermediate to advanced, as any classroom would do ?

We need to know what commands feature in a video, its just impossible to play 20 or so hoping to find one with a certain command in it. e.g. wishing to bend sheet metal, knowing which video features such a thing. making a rubber duck,…no, search on bend thin surface, shows wall switch socket making video, a-ha try that one !


There is the level 1 and 2 training, and I don’t know what more you can expect unless you find a handy YouTube video. YouTube has killed the market for paying for tutorials, it’s incomprehensible to the kids these days.

You’re not going to find what you’re asking for because the scope is absurd. Rhino’s used for a lot of things by a lot of people, and the people who work at McNeel are NOT the experts in how to actually use it for your specific application. Entire architecture programs are basically Rhino workshops and they still come out knowing laughably little. You might as well be asking for tutorials on how to be an Engineer.

“Advanced training” is beyond the level of “what command do I use for this,” it’s about how to approach figuring out what tools to use.

And relatively speaking, nobody uses Rhino for sheetmetal, so of course there will be no tutorials on that. You have to figure out sheetmetal design itself, and if you know Rhino the limited ways you can use it to make a model for quoting purposes will become obvious.

And guys, stop replying to dead year-old threads.


McNeel are NOT the experts in how to actually use it for your specific application.

I was hoping someone would just list the notable commands that are used in a video, those that it was made to show off perhaps, thats doable, just run through it and see what commands get entered.
To have to try each and every video out hoping to find the command in use , no one has time to do that.
One might not know what its called to start with.

If someone has to make a slipper and sees a flip flop they will gravitate to that.
I appreciate that there isn’t a video on aircraft fuselage making but I might see car or boat building.

I do have Form Vs Shape, with a Hercules on the front by a very nice chap called James Carruthers, well spoken and structured, awesome :-), and another with a red sports car on the cover. for anyone requiring such. No mean feat, a lot of work.

If a video tut says features skinning using frames and profiles then that’s a start.

The thing with commands is sometimes they are names one would not think of for doing something, so e.g. divide might not spring to mind for placing points evenly along an arc, distribute might occupy the users mind. To have a glossary so one can search on distribute evenly and it finds divide, and array thus setting user on a path of discovering the command that might apply, would be good.

And guys, stop replying to dead year-old threads.

I reply to a threads even if its 5yrs old, if that thread happens to be on what I need to know. I am not doing Rhino week in week out, I might have to for a few weeks then a different skillset/profession happens, then when back at Rhino a year later and I need an answer on something, search and find I had posted on the topic and some new info has come my way, I need to reply to THAT thread, else it gets complicated referring to threads with answers in them via new threads . A thread is dormant, not dead and of no use to anyone, thats how I see it. Its a vast library of knowledge and if the book is dusty but the only one on the subject I will use it.

Youtube does not have any role to play in structured classroom style progressive videos, and McNeel expecting us to use any bod and his approach to tutoring, often full of tutoring bad practice, is not really how it should be. Buying Rhino is not the end of the journey, its the start, the journey and our hand held by McNeel or so I would hope.
I now realise Rhino does not deal with sheet metal, in the way other progs bend a sheet just like the click of two fingers, though I did ask when first starting out trying to find a 3D prog for aircraft building and was told Rhino was the prog for me, here on this very forum !


Sky Greenawaldt has made an amazing channel for learning to model “the right way” in rhino called 36verts- He is one of the best modelers I know and his channel is gold.

check it out here-

( also Take a second and thank him for his efforts (by subscribing to his page and commenting) as he put a LOT of work into this and gives it way for the low low price of freeeee- )

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Sky Greenawaldt upgraded his Rhino 5 to Rhino 7 about four months ago. He loves the VSR plugin and ExtendSurfaceEdge plugin, but he does not use the XNurbs plugin.

By the way, the ExtendSurfaceEdge plugin is here:
You have to unblock it before using it. Unblocking info is here: Unblocking Rhino Plug-ins [McNeel Wiki]

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