Seamless Voronoi Loft Generation Problem


I’m trying to generate a lofted voronoi cell structure, which can be seamless tiled in 2D space.
This image shows what I am trying to achieve, except in this image there is no tiling possible with that geometry:

I already came very far for my knowledge of Grasshopper, but I ran into a unsolvable problem for me. In order to make the loft, I am trying to scale down the cells of the voronoi structure, however each cell wich gets intersected at the rectangle boundaries has to be scaled not from its generated center, but from the centerpoint projected to the rectangle boundary.
At least thats what I think. Otherwise I am running into the problems depicted here:

What I do not want is that there are ‘walls’ generated at the boundary between cells and the rectangle.
To achieve this, I guess I have to move/project the cell centers to the corresponding edge of each cell at the rectangle boundary.

But how can I select which centers or cells are subject to do this ? Is there any way to find out wich cells or centers I have to move (those who are intersection, but how do I figure this out …) ?

I attached my current gh definition, if this is of any help.
Let me know, if I should try to explain anything better. Sorry for the lengthy post.

Any tipp or help is very appreciated !! (27.7 KB)

First addition: i think it gets even worse, I have to project the points to the midpoint of the cell boundary, not perpendicular ! That makes it even more difficult…:thinking:

Have a look at the attachment. (17.8 KB)

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