Sculpting tools

I wish to see this tools in Rhino 7 as new futures with SubD.
I saw many 3D software has this tools (Modo, Blender, Rocket3F… Etc).

Sculping with Nurbs? That sounds like fun! Not sure if this is realistic though…

Sure it is. Most of ship hulls’ fairing is done with a little bit of sculpting. Especially if you want to reduce the number of surfaces.

If it is as effective as zbrush software attributed to the alpha brushes it works, otherwise it is of no use

I really have no clue how this works… do you have an image or reference? Sounds interessting to me…

Rebuild the nurbs surface with a certain number of control points and start moving/arranging the control points until you get the desired form. In ship hulls it also has to result in desired submerged volume, center of buoyancy, etc.

You may need to add/remove rows/columns of control points to achieve the desired “smoothness” as we call it. To maintain good curvature continuity.

This part of Naval Architecture is more of an art than engineering. Although, you always keep track on the hydrostatics of the hull.

Ah okay, I was rathing understanding sculpting as modifing a shape with a chisel/brush-a-like tool. For polygonal modelling this is widely adoped, but I’ve never seen such functionality for surface geometry.

No, that’s carving, not sculpting :slight_smile:

I think you did not understand me. If I think of sculpting I think of Blender Sculpting mode or ZBrush. You add or remove volume to a solid shape in high detail, so that you can build fine, very fine organic details. I just think this is not so feasable to do with Nurbs Geometry . I really don’t see the ability to do the same with controlpoint modification. How many cps you wanna move then?

I did understand you, but for me this is carving not sculpting.
Sculp is what you do when you shape a vase out of soft clay.
Removing pieces of geometry, like creating holes or other type like grooves - this is carving.

This tools working with meshes geometry, however in Blender or Modo the objects you wanna to create is already mesh not Nurbs.
But you can get near sculpting results with Nurbs geometry by Rebuild surface … Control points.

Just took a peak what Blender Sculpting is, and it is exactly what I thought it is, just that you have a circular brush that selects multiple control points to pull, whilst in Rhino you have to select them manually.

adn how do you deal with trims and how do hold continuity if your solid consist of more then one surface, which is the case for 99.9999999% of all CAD Data?

Who buys Rhino to use it as a mesh modeller? I’m out…

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Avoid trims, trim is a bad word in good smooth ship shapes (i’m not talking about chine hulls)
Trims are only allowed at ship’s stern, skeg and deck (top edge of the hull)

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btw @TomTom, your “True trim” in your “ASTools” could be really useful in ship design, alas I think you only had that developed for grasshopper. :frowning:

I’m willing to understand the math behind it. Could you give me some paper or publication?

Invest in one license of Icem Surf. Its even Dassault!

No one is buying Rhino to using as meshes modeller, Rhino has Nurbs, Meshes and it’s a great, easy to modeling what you want.
So I think the sculpting tools working with meshes geometry so easy.

Nah, I will not move out of Rhino. Nor will I ever give money to DS.

then go for Autodesk Alias… :stuck_out_tongue:

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