Sculpting tools

another company I am not going to give money to ;). I’d rather donate to the Blender Foundation.

This becomes offtopic again…

You should be able to call the real trim function by referencing the dll. I never continued on it, because I really had troubles in making it stable, nor I was motivated in investing much time. Nor I really did good testing on it. It had bugs, and all I received where advices what to do better. Thats maybe why I promote to do automated testing so much now. I’ll see if I can share some code. Not at home right now.
But by referencing the library you can make a RhinoCommand out of it. Trimming is not so uncommon in automotive industry. Actually almost any surface gets trimmed if its filleted etc. But there are good and bad trims.

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Yeah, may be, but I think when using NURBS and you sculpt a lot true trim could be really handy. So not so off-topic. :wink:

I’ll take a look if I have the astools zip saved somewhere.