Sculpting surface CP on temporary proxy mesh (rough idea)

Do you know any quick way to convert surface (single span) CP to mesh which will have vertices exactly in places of Control Points and go back to the surface again after the mesh sculpting process?
it would help me sculpt surface CP in other way.
I`ve found that it easier is for me to sculpt over mesh than sculpt over CP because I can see shading on quad polys and edges.

The problem with sculpting CP on surfaces is that I don’t see what I`m doing. I know I have Zebra and Emap but I would also like to have also opportunity to sculpt surface CP on some temporary proxy mesh where I should see a relation between points better (watching edges and shading on flat quad polygons).

I know It may be a crazy idea for many of you but I was raised as a polygon modeler and for that matter, I feel shapes better :slight_smile:

Hello - I would ExtractControlPolygon then edit the surface and mesh points together.


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Thanks a lot.