Rebuild poly surface and centre for control points


I have a surface that I need to panel for fabrication.
I have made the surface by editing a sphere with cage edit to get the form I need.

The problem I have now is that I have two centre points on the surface that the control points react to. (top and bottom of orginal sphere)
They act like a “spider web” pattern

Can I get these points to be uniform over the entire surface and not react to these two central points.
See attached image

Any help appreciated, Thanks

Changing the control point arrangement will require recreating the shape using a different arrangement of surfaces.

Why is the current arrangement a problem for creating panels for fabrication?

How much experience with Rhino do you have? Have you used other 3D modeling software?

Hi David, thanks for your quick response,

I’ve been using rhino for a couple years, but I’ve never needed to model something like this before as I’m mainly modeling for architecture.

It will be an inflatable, cut from polythene. Right now I’m at concept stage and I am trying to create some axo’s/diagrams that outline the principle of fabrication for the shape.

The idea would be to turn into a mesh, unweld, explode, make 2d and export line work for diagrams.

The current arrangement would be odd for an inflatable and I trying to rationalize.

Why do you need to convert the shape to a mesh? Why not continue to work with the NURBS surface? You can split the NURBS shape as desired. The splits do not have to follow the isolines.