Sculpt in rhino


is there a way to sculpt in rhino like is possible in zbrush?

it can be a plugin.


Hello - none that I know of but it might be worth a scan of


what programs do you have: live link with rhino?

Hello - I’ve already indicated I do not know of any. I was implying that you do the research, not me…


the question I asked is not just about the sculpture program. is in general.

which programs, in all categories, have live link with rhino?

you can check this: Adding GoZ to Rhino now make much more sense - #7 by mdesign

it’s simple but works well to go between Rhino and Zbrush

sculpture plugin

Clayoo Freeform & Organic Modeling | Food4Rhino

only it is for rhino 6

will it work on Rhino 7?

Use Blender it is very powerful , Rhino is not for this

are rhino 6 plugins for rhino 7?

what I want to sculpt is very light
stones, deformation of old tiles, concrete coming out of the bricks

Rhino 7 has built-in tools that can do that kind of thing.

Sounds like it’s light enough to do with PBR materials in Raytrace - or export to Substance Painter or Blender and do it there. With respect to Peter, trying to model realistic ageing effects in SubD will have you tearing your hair.