Scripting PopUpToolbar command fails

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I am trying to call user-defined toolbar with PopUpToolbar command via scripting and can’t get it to work - both in RhinoScript or Python Rhinoscript syntax, the toolbar shows up for a split second but then disappears, not letting the user to pick any icons from it.

Here are the code samples:

  • RhinoScript:

Call Rhino.Command("_PopUpToolbar " & chr(34) & "default.scale" & chr(34))

  • Python
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rs.Command("_PopUpToolbar default.scale")

All works fine if I just use command or macro, but not the scripts. Any ideas how to make it work, or maybe this is a bug?

Second question: is there a way to get a list of all loaded toolbars that are available to popup? The RhinoScript toolbar methods seem to be obsolete and I can’t get them to produce that (or maybe doing it wrong way?). Python or RhinoCommon would do as well.

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Hi @Jarek,

I’ve logged the issue -

– Dale

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