Shortcut problem for the toolbar on mac


being on mac, the third clic is always a bit tricky since i have the magic mouse (which i stopped using since it’s crap), i had added a plug-in for the third click but it works once in a while.
I work on the trackpad again since i didn’t buy a new mouse, and i’d like to make a shortcut to the toolbar, so i wrote :_popuptoolbar in the script, then i try the shortcut (let’s say command+Y) and this happens :

Capture d’écran 2022-11-16 à 22.42.52

Rhino doesn’t recognize the command (the last one), it seems it even adds some strange blank space between the two double dots…
i would appreciate if someone could tell me why isn’t it working and how could i resolve this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the precious help guys, let me know if i can help you back

Hi @Hansenlars , sorry that this one has been left unanswered

You write your command:


but it should be:


so without the