Scripting Bongo?


I’m looking for a way to create a Bongo animation based on the real time engine Enscape. Enscape can’t be used per standard animation output, since it is not a standard render engine.

Enscape allow to create renderings per command _EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand. If the right options are set, than the output is automatic saved, no additional prompt is needed. An Enscape renderings needs a few seconds only, so a script pause could be used for an experimental script.

Could it be possible to create an Enscape animation per script? A script, that starts _EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand, wait 3 seconds, jumps to the next frame (or tick if frame isn’t possible), wait 1 seconds for scene calculation and start _EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand again … .

Maybe someone has an idea and could write a little script for experimenting please.

I tried to use the function BongoBonusToolsForEachFrame, but the scene isn’t updated at Enscape, only at the viewport.


Solved here Script help needed