Wish: "running script for each frame" option


could it be possible to get an option where the user can set scripts that are started before a new frame is rendered? For example I have a billboard script here, that align billboard objects to the camera (for example trees, people, …). I suppose so it’s not so difficult implement, but could much more extend the Bongo functionality.



I’ve added this to the wishlist for Service Release 2.

Great, thank you.

Good wish!

But can the script control Bongo so it jumps one frame forward?
If so then that would be a workaround. The script can control Bongo instead of opposite. Then you could render each frame to an image.
(Which is what you should do anyway, as rendering to a videofile is a bad habit)


Bongo allow to render frames to images, what do you miss? Render to video file an extra feature, but must not be enabled.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, I know Bongo can render to images.
My point was that maybe you can through your script tell Bongo to jump one frame ahead, orient “billboards”, render and repeat until end of Bongo animation.

That way you would not need to wait for Bongo to be able to run your script, as you are controlling Bongo instead. i don’t know if it is possible, is a “go to next frame” command is integrated in Bongo?

Is it not the same like if the script is started before a frame is rendered? Bongo starts the script, the billboards are aligned to the camera and Bongo starts the rendering. What couldn’t be done at this way?


Try this: http://files.na.mcneel.com/bongo/2.0/labs/BongoBonusTools.20.rhp

It’s pretty basic, but it should do what you need. If it works for you, we’ll polish it up.

  • Andy

The command is BongoBonusToolsForEachFrame - you get an edit box where you can type in commands that need to be run before each frame. You can use RunScript to start a script.

Great, works fine. :slight_smile:

PS: I did a quick test, but mov/avi isn’t allowed to upload and mp4 bring an error. Maybe it can be fixed.

No uploads are working at the moment - something’s broken (which is why I uploaded to one of our download servers).

That was quickly added!

We used to do this for Bongo 1.0 as well - this is the first command we’ve added to the BongoBonusTools for Bongo 2.0 - something we use to be able to respond extremely quickly to these kinds of requests without having to put out a service release.

It also helps us test the Bongo 2.0 SDK, so it’s good for everyone!

Could be nice to get a option where the commands can be added, it’s not so easy to find after a long time Bongo usage pause. (I need to search at the forum here.)

Also I miss that the set command is recalled after moving the slider or play a preview animation. In this cases the script commands are interesting too.


could the script usage be added for manual moving the slider and during running the preview please? Could be a little coding task and makes it perfect. :wink:

Also the script isn’t saved in the Rhino file.


Still the problem that the script isn’t saved at the project file. Please fix it.