Script to mass export CAD files

Does anyone know any methods to automatically export individual CAD files at one time? For example, I have a large number of files that were made for a symmetric system. All I need to do is reflect these parts and re-export them under the same file name with which they were imported without having to individually save each part by hand.

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Hi Matthew- so, Open the file, mirror the contents, save the file, is that correct? What format are the files? What axis should they be mirrored on, and what format should the save be?


Hi Pascal,
I will individually import IGES files, mirror them about the XZ plane, and then export each file as an individual IGES file.

Hi Matthew- would you want to process an entire folder’s worth of iges files or do you need to be able to pick and choose?


I think either way would work fine! I could see how it could be advantageous to highlight the structures to export though…

OK, I’ll cook you up something - it should not be hard, but it might be tomorrow, we have very busy tech support today… or maybe someone else will jump in…


Hi Matthew- see if this works OK- I doctored an older script by Brian Perry -

To use the script, extract and save the .rvb file from the attached zip archive, then drag and drop the saved rvb over an open Rhino V4 or v5 window. This will load the script, set it up to load on startup in the future and register the alias


that will run the script much like a regular command. An alias can be typed or added to a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (F-key).

NOT heavily tested… and at the moment it does the whole folder, we can tune that up if needed.

-Pascal (1.9 KB)

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Pascal!
I’ve tested it in a few different cases and it seems to be working perfectly. The only thing I changed was the array defining the mirroring plane. I’ll try a few more robust tests tomorrow, but I think this is exactly what I needed. Thanks again!