Rubuild only certain surfaces

Long story short, I export a lot of .3dm files for use in Solidworks. I’ve found the only way to get a flawless import of an igs into solidworks is to rebuild the exploded model, while in rhino, making all the surfaces a denser mesh.

Without being too confusing, my question is this: Some models are very complex and it is unncessary to rebuild every single surface with a denser UV mesh. (Some only need to be 8x8 while others need maybe 25x25.) Is there a command to say, rebuild surfaces by doubling, tripling, etc. ALL surfaces? If I could select everything and tell it to “quadruple all UV” then that would be perfect.

Or…is there some other way to export as igs and have good models import correctly into solidworks without having to repair? Because ultimately, that’s what my end goal is.

Hi David - rebuilding surfaces willy-nilly seems like a really, really terrible idea, actually, in terms of surface accuracy and surface to surface continuity… what is it that gets fixed by doing this?


Hi Pascal,

I understand and agree but the issue is when I export a well-built model in
Rhino, and export it as iges to solidworks, I need to often rebuilt certain
surfaces in solidworks. I noticed that if I rebuilt the part in rhino with
a denser mesh (say I explode the model and rebuilt everything to 8x8 or
more UV and increase to degree to 3x3, then the exported iges seems to go
cleanly into solidworks.

*The MAIN issue is I don’t seem to export then import good igs files from
rhino to solidworks. I’ve played around a lot with the export options but
nothing seems to work reliably.

Thanks for the quick feedback. I’ve been a heavy rhino user since 2002 and
you guys are always a big help.


So I guess you could say that I should have simply asked the question:

-How do you correctly export a .3dm file to Solidworks with minimal
clean-up? :slight_smile:

Is iges the best option?



Hi David - I think STEP is probably the best format to use, but we may be able to trouble-shoot some failures and figure out just what might be going wrong without rebuilding everything. If you can find (simpler the better) an example that does not work as is via STEP, send it to me in a private message and we’ll see what we can see…


Awesome. Will do.

Thanks Pascal