Export Script

(Gabriele Di Trapani) #1

Hi all,

I am new in programming and I would like to make this procedure automatic.
My goal is to write a script to export a group of surfaces (in iges) with their layer names and colour.
Do anyone have any suggestion please?


(Willem Derks) #2

Hi Gabriele,

Can you elaborate a little or maybe send an example file and desired output.

My interpretation:
you want to select some surfaces and export as iges, but what I do not understand:

  • should each surface be a single iges?
  • what will the filename be?

I have a script setup that could help you get started, but if you let me know exactly what you want, I can set it up already to make it work the way you want


(Gabriele Di Trapani) #3


Hi Willem,

sorry but I didn’t recive any alert about your answer.
I would like to have a script to export the surfaces contained inside the rhino file into a single generic iges.
I will define the filename in the futere it is not a big issue at the moment.
If it is possible I would like to call this script in batch.
Please find attached a file testcube-export.3dm (37.2 KB)

Please let me known if I can use your script as starting point and I will try to implement it with my necessity.


(Willem Derks) #4

Hi Gabriele,

The script below allows you to set an export folder and export the selected objects as iges
Does this help?

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def export_iges(file_name,object_ids,EXPORTPATH):
    FILEPATH = EXPORTPATH +'\\'+ file_name + '.igs'

    #export with default scheme
    rs.Command('_-Export "{}" Default _Enter'.format(FILEPATH),echo=True)

def export_selected_as_iges():
    #get folder to save iges to
    EXPORTPATH = rs.BrowseForFolder( message ='select iges folder')
    if not EXPORTPATH : return
    # ask user to select (poly)surfaces for export
    object_ids = rs.GetObjects('Select (poly)surfaces to export as iges',filter = 8+16)
    if not object_ids : return 

    file_name = 'my_name'


(Gabriele Di Trapani) #5


Hi Willem,
It is working quite well, thank you.
I will try to customise the script on my necessity but I will let you know if I have any doubt.

Thanks again