Export surface as iges

Hello all,

I would like to know if there is a way of exporting a given surface as an iges file.

As an alternative is there any command that allows me to select all of the curves so I can delete them and then save the whole file’s contents (just the surface) as an iges file?

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You will need to script the Export command with rs.Command()…
“Barebones” version:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
def ExportIGESFile():
    filter="IGES files|.igs||"
    filename=rs.SaveFileName("Iges export",filter)
    if not filename: return		
    rs.Command("_-Export "+chr(34)+filename+chr(34)+" _Enter",False)


i`m new to rhino and cad, however i must urgently export a mesh file,(.obj, .xyz, or .stl) to iges or step!

ive read lot of posts but didnt find a solution, your code is the closest…
how can i implement it on rhino?

menu tools>rhino script>edit ??? or what?

Sorry to disappoint, but from Rhino you can’t export meshes as either IGES or STEP…


how can i get a better understanding what is a mesh model, fused meshes, nurbs, iges etc…
i have 2 3d scanners, one of them the Nextengine.
I see with Rapidworks i could export the scan data (raw or nurbs???) to iges and step, however, in the WiKi it already tells me that Mesh files CANNOT be converted to IGES or STEP!
i`m really confused!
Should and could i export to another format first then convert to IGES?

What the script you posted is aboiut?

sorry if many questions, i`m in urge!
Appreciate your attention

Scan data will be either points or meshes.
Why do you need IGES or STEP?

For smaller / lighter meshes one could use the MeshToNURB command but scans will most likely produce very heavy meshes.

actually i dont know if i really need a iges or step archieve, however, i`m in contact with a professional that asked me the data to be in these formats, if not, he could not be able to manipulate them…

You probably want to consult with them and show/explain what you have. In my experience, people asking specifically for IGES or STEP are expecting surface data and won’t be able to work with meshes even if they did come in their desired file format. If that is the case, either you need to find a supplier who can work with meshes, or you will have to do the “reverse engineering” yourself.


hi there…

I`ve solved some issues…
It seems to me that one can convert meshes to nurbs, then export them as IGES or STEP indeed.

Hope it help if any case!