Script for batch converting 3DM to DXF or exporting to DXF from layers?

I’m using the nest feature of RhinoCam, it let’s me export 60 sheets of nested parts to files but only to .3DM which will mean nothing to the laser cutter operator. I contacted MecSoft and they suggested contacting McNeel, thought I’d try here first.

"You can check with McNeel support to see if they could come up with some sort of a script that can take the 3dm files and convert it to dxf’s without having to convert each file manually.

Alternatively you can check if they can help you with a script that can export each layer of the committed nest to a separate Dxf from Rhino. This might be more doable I think."

Hello - see how this script works for you - to run it save and then drag and drop onto Rhino, this will add an alias that will run the script much like a command"


You’ll want to do one export manually, so to speak, to set up the dxf options, then this script should just use the same. I just added dxf, but did not test much yet… =)

ExportLayers.rvb (1.5 KB)


I use Grasshopper to export and control layers. A relatively simply script, if you’re interested in going that route post an example file.

Here’s my export DXF by layer script. (1.7 KB)
Note that before you run the script, do one “dummy” export manually to set the ACAD export scheme, as the script will use the most recently used scheme.