Screen capture all viewports?

Hi Jarek,

Thanks for the fast response!
The result I want is almost the same as a simple screenshot, without the menus. But what I would like is having the option set or duplicate the resolution of the result, and may be all the options that -viewcapturetofile has, like transparent background if the file format is png.

Sometimes a view has a clipping plane applied, or some dimensions with custom shade mode (x-ray) and while I’m working I see things the way I like to be shown to the client. If I create a layout and then want to print as pdf, I need to spend some time to get the same look I already had.

Hi Joaquin,

I see now - makes sense. I will see if the Multiviewcapture can have this added as an option.


Hi Jarek,
Thanks, I would appreciate that.

Hi @laborda, @Jarek,

I’m hoping either of you can assist me. I’ve used MultiViewCapture for years (so helpful!), but recently got a new computer at work and am unable to grab the plugin from the previous machine. Would either of you be able to send/upload the plugin? It would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Alex, here you go:
MultiViewCapture.rhp (760 KB)


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awesome, thanks jarek!

how long until plugins like these work on V6? thx!


This specific plug-in was compiled with Rhino_DotNet which is very old and was deprecated in V5. It would need to be recompiled against RhinoCommon.

Looks like it works in V6 once recompiled.
Not tested actual functionality but it loads OK
MultiViewCapture.rhp (81 KB)


Ahhh, this is a huge save. I’m just getting into Rhino 6 now, and was looking for exactly this. Thanks again Jarek!

Thanks @Jarek , great work! this is very useful, it would be even more useful in R6 if it worked with Snapsots. Are you thinking about implementing this? Cheers!

Agree, it would be a good idea to make it work with Snapshots in V6.
Definitely doable but I am not sure when I will get a chance to make any updates to this plugin.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi Jarek, have you experienced to capture the specific area in grasshopper? now I have hundreds of views in different ratio to capture.

Hi, sorry - no, I don’t have much experience with GH canvas captures.

I know this is an old one to revive, but its super useful little tool, but I’m running into some difficulty.

No matter the resolution I give, images come out 1997 x 1206. I’ve tested mutliple files and display modes.

Any idea what might be the cause of this?

This plugin was written before ViewCaptureToFile command had some options added to it.
So in order to make the resolution settings work, you may need to check if the ViewCaptureToFile command options are set to: Scale=1, LockAspectRatio=No.
Please try running command-line version of the command:
_-ViewCaptureToFile (with “-” before command) and check out these options. My guess at least one of them if your case gets in the way of 2000x2000 image size…



Hi Jarek, thanks for the speedy reply

-ViewCaptureToFile options were set to Scale=1, LockAspectRatio=No

If I set the resolution in -ViewCaptureToFile to the desired amount, then multiviewcapture outputs the resolution I want. So to be clear, the ViewCaptureToFile resolution setting overrides the setting in multiviewcapture. A bit buggy but it at least works :slight_smile:

Do you have the same issue?

MultiViewCapture.rhp (87 KB)
Try this version, I might have updated it since the last post. It should have built-in scale factor and I don’t have any problems with the resolution.


This version doesn’t have the previous problem mentioned!

Thanks for making such a useful plugin!

You sir are a legend!