Is there a screen capture that will capture all four viewports?

Sure, I could just do a screen capture with Windows, but then you loose all the nice features in the Rhino command that makes you choose one viewport.


Not in Rhino, no.
But the Windows “Snipping Tool” works well.

Hello - you can try making a 4-view layout (Layout command)and capturing that…


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Pascal, when I make a layout in Rendered view, all my viewports with white background, my actual layout ‘sheet’ is still gray. How do I change that?



I find SnagIt from TechSmith to be a great tool for screen captures and markups. It’s not very expensive.


The yellow selection color is too hard to read on white. This default gray was the best I could do for keeping the layout usable.

From that standpoint makes sense. I personally would prefer that the layout sheet had no color. And that the viewport background color/gradient/image backdrop was what dictates its appearance.

So I can go from a gray/gradient working mode to a white viewing/screen capturing mode.

…I have so many thought about Layout, but I’ll hold off until after V7 is released.