Screen capture all viewports?

Hi all,

I want to know if there is a way to capture all the viewports at once, like screen capture to file or viewcapturetofile with - options. Because at the moment I couldn’t save more than one viewport.
This could be extremely useful for me because sometimes it’s faster to show the differences between models showing all the the views. I use SynchronizeViews capture with printscreen… but it’s limited to my screen, and also have the problem of working with 2 monitors.

If you’re purely looking for a quick screen grab, take a look at:

I find it indispensable for annotation and mark ups (over two screens too)

Thanks, but this is not what I’m looking for, I know there are many apps for capturing the screen, but I wanted something more automatic inside rhino.
I know that I can create a layout and print as pdf too… but when you have no time and want to share something really quick captureallviewports could be great.

Hi Joaquin - the only thing that comes to mind off hand is to make a layout (maybe in a template file ) with the page and four views set up to fill the screen and capture that all at once with ViewCaptureToFile.


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Thanks Pascal, I think this is good enough for me.

Jarek created a great Multi View Capture tool, but it’s not online anymore. You could ask him.

Thanks Micha, it seems that this was the tool I remembered. I found it in a backup folder from 2012.

Is this the last version @Jarek? is there a reason why this plugin is not available any more?

Anyway, I couldn’t found the way to capture more than one viewport in a single image without photoshop.
This multiviewcapture tool is great, and layout with a preset it’s a very good solution too.
My original request is related to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). From my experience,with layouts and printing settings you need to set the scale properly and take a little time to make it look exactly as you want.

Hi Joaquin,

Yes, it has never been updated since. I took it down hoping I would make updated version that uses fully Rhino 5 capacities but so far it was not a high priority as it still does what I mostly need. So the version you have from 2012 still is the latest. It does not let you capture multiple viewports, just NamedViews.

I am still not quite sure what you are trying to achieve - could you post a picture with the result? How is it different than just making a screenshot of your vports? Is it that you need higher resolution than screen ? The Multiviewcapture could probably be modified to allow you select all open viewports (or select from the list of all viewports) - but I don’t think it could know what their layout is and therefore maintain your Rhino workspace layout into the final high-res screenshot.


Hi Jarek,

Thanks for the fast response!
The result I want is almost the same as a simple screenshot, without the menus. But what I would like is having the option set or duplicate the resolution of the result, and may be all the options that -viewcapturetofile has, like transparent background if the file format is png.

Sometimes a view has a clipping plane applied, or some dimensions with custom shade mode (x-ray) and while I’m working I see things the way I like to be shown to the client. If I create a layout and then want to print as pdf, I need to spend some time to get the same look I already had.

Hi Joaquin,

I see now - makes sense. I will see if the Multiviewcapture can have this added as an option.


Hi Jarek,
Thanks, I would appreciate that.

Hi @laborda, @Jarek,

I’m hoping either of you can assist me. I’ve used MultiViewCapture for years (so helpful!), but recently got a new computer at work and am unable to grab the plugin from the previous machine. Would either of you be able to send/upload the plugin? It would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Alex, here you go:
MultiViewCapture.rhp (760 KB)


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awesome, thanks jarek!

how long until plugins like these work on V6? thx!


This specific plug-in was compiled with Rhino_DotNet which is very old and was deprecated in V5. It would need to be recompiled against RhinoCommon.

Looks like it works in V6 once recompiled.
Not tested actual functionality but it loads OK
MultiViewCapture.rhp (81 KB)


Ahhh, this is a huge save. I’m just getting into Rhino 6 now, and was looking for exactly this. Thanks again Jarek!

Thanks @Jarek , great work! this is very useful, it would be even more useful in R6 if it worked with Snapsots. Are you thinking about implementing this? Cheers!

Agree, it would be a good idea to make it work with Snapshots in V6.
Definitely doable but I am not sure when I will get a chance to make any updates to this plugin.
Thanks for the suggestion.