Screenshot for all viewport . Capture viewport to file

Is there an option to save the screenshot, as it is, if there are 4 viewport

I don’t think so, but maybe you can create a layout with 4 views and then run print. In the print dialog, select ‘image file’ under ‘destination’.

How about the “PrintScreen” button on your keyboard :slight_smile:
System’s screenshot function is convenient and useful.
Or if you want four pics,save all the viewport and name them, then render them.

Hi @dxystar
Knowing this, I was asking if an option exists within Rhino.

I was just wondernig if this is possible also. I’d like to use the Capture Viewport to File for all or specific selected viewports. The system Print Screen is of course an option, but if you just want the viewports at specific resolutions, it can’t do that.

Hi Sach - I think this means multiple images in your case, correct? not one grab of all viewports at once, which I believe was the OP’s request…


Pascal Yes, so picking the specific viewports that you want to capture. Or at least all of them. And the current single viewport option retained.