Scoller in V7 is not working

I’ve used a logitec mouse to work in the Rhino application since I first started in version 4 or 5.

There’s never been a problem with using the scoll wheel for zooming the models.

Now after installing V7(mac) I can’t scroll with any control - the function is either too much or too little.

Additionally, when close to an object the scrolling will simply stop any further zooming

So far every request for support is met with some question that’s tangential and ultimately useless.

I’ve provieded a system report.

I’ve tried other mice.

I’ve sent in a file for review and still I’m required to respond yet again to something like this:





What specifically are you reacting to with your scroll and zoom? Help me out here… I really want to get this sorted for you but you are not answering the questions I’m asking.

I’m not sure my command of English is up to the task of explaining this issue any more precisely.

I used to have that problem with Logitec mice too, in Windows and Mac Rhino.
The fix was to adjust the scrolling Zoom factor.
I’m running a Jelly Comb mouse now on my Mac.
It’s a little too fast for my tastes, so in Preferences > View, I changed the Zoom Scale facto from 0.90 to 0.95.
This change makes the Zoo wheel less sensitive and more comfortable.

Well, this is what I’ve now. I’d removed the latest Logi driver to revert but even then the issue remains.

I’ll have a look again at the zoom factor.
I f Icould remember where to find it…

Right. That’s helped.
I’d tried to do something with the zoom one to one calibration in the view menu. I don’t think I understand that feature.

I looked up the Jelly mouse. It’s wonderfully inexpensive! Is it programmable? On a Mac?

Nope. It just a comfortable 3-button mouse. It has a rechargeable battery, is reliable, and as you say, very reasonably priced.

So I reimported my prefs after saving them to do a reset. I then set the zoom as per your instructions. Now the problem’s on again albeit not as bad. Is there some other tween?

You can set that Zoom Scale factor to anything you want.

I like mine set at 0.95.
If your mouse is still too fast, try 0.98.
If it’s too slow now try 0.93.

A setting of 1.00 disables the mouse wheel Zoom
A setting larger than 1.00, like 1.05 reverses the Zoom wheel direction.

OK, thanks John. I’m thinking of spending on a space mouse thing.

You’re on your own with that pal.
I hate those blasted things.
Instant motion sickness for me.
Some people really like them.
I’m not one of them.

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