Scissor joints in Grasshopper to SAP

I am trying to integrate my Grasshopper model with scissor type connections into SAP2000. How can I model a scissor joint in GH such that it will read the same in SAP 2000 (i.e. it will have the same degrees of freedom in SAP also.)?

Hi Anushree,

Thanks for the question. A small request, I can provide faster feedback and advice if you also share the grasshopper script with your post, it takes me time to try and replicate what is shown in an image which is counter productive (and might not be consistent).

Here is a script that demonstrates how I would suggest this be modelled. I’m using mm as a unit in rhino.
230328 sap scissor (20.4 KB)

Let me know if this isn’t helpful or doesn’t generate the model as required.