Scissor system


I am trying to model a translation scissor system in a hexa grid array. I tried certain methods, with the exceptions of the use of trigonometric as I couldn’t manage to find sufficient data that would help me do it ( and I am still learning to model using trigonometric equations ). with my latest attempt, I tried rotating the bars at the midpoint of a line. Although it seems to be “do-able” this way, it wouldn’t let me simulate the deployability.
Could anybody suggest me a proper way to do it than what I have already attempted? (37.7 KB)

Hi Gpetrica,
It looks like you’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to figure this out.
You’re correct in thinking that trigonometry is one good way to do it - Attached.
Using weaverbird is optional - it’s a quick way to set up the grid.
A variation of this definition also works for making a hoberman sphere :wink:

hexagrid folding (18.2 KB)

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Thx, just what I was looking for.

Do you know by chance if there any way to create the pipes so that they don’t intersect one with another ?
(being a scissor structure)