Scaling groups/multiple elements without scaling individual elements

Hi there,
Is there a way of scaling a group of selected elements without scaling them individually ?
Without scripting or grasshopper? Blocks maybe ?
I love Grasshopper, but it’s such a fundamental transformation it should exist as a normal command,
and maybe it does but I can’t find it.

Thanks, Ben


Box Edit with the"Transform Objects Individually" option checked. Mitch taught me that last week; in This Topic

Many thanks Mark . . . and Mitch . . . and Pascal !
I hadn’t actually thought that they are two different additional scaling options, scaling objects relative to their own centres and scaling a group spacing without scaling the objects, both equally useful. And Pascal’s other scripts are a real treasure trove. . . I guess they will slowly be officially implemented.
Cheers, Ben

Also: testScalePosition… a test command still, I think I’d better nudge @dale to make it ‘real’ in V6…


Thanks Pascal,

Just had a look at your scripts again, can’t believe how much you have implemented that I had been
missing ! Do you spend a lot of time realising users’ wishes who aren’t that good at scripting, or
did you start doing it for your own needs ? Are you an official Rhino developer ?

Cheers, Ben

Hi Ben- I make scripts mostly because there is some functionality that I or a real user needs that is not yet in Rhino- when the scripts seem to work OK and might be helpful for a number of users I put them on that wiki page and hope for the best. Meanwhile in many cases putting a request on the general pile for future Rhinos. Sometimes that even works- I think we may get a Distribute command in V6. Anyway, no, I’m not an official “developer” or anything, I’m one of a number of us here who support users and convey their complaints, bug reports, and requests to the developers and higher-ups. Anyway, I’m glad you find them useful…


Well in my view you are one of the higher ups and I will put in a request for your promotion :smile:
It will take me a while to work through your scripts - so thanks again in advance !
Do you know whether anyone is still working on the Squish algorithms, I get some strange
anomalies, where sometimes it tightens the unrolling too much and sometimes not enough,
and extreme enough to make me think there isn’t something quit right. It may have something
to do with the proximity between the UV control points, how well they are aligned in relation to the curvature.
I wonder whether there are any flattening tools out there that work on meshes or sub-d’s, where there wouldn’'t be any bias based on UVs. Not that I understand how sub-d’s are defined.
Cheers, Ben

I have a tab with a bunch of scripts that Pascal has on the wiki, very useful! It’s good news that the Distribute command might be it v6. I use that one frequently. I was use to that function from Illustrator and when Rhino didn’t have it, I was bummed. Thankfully, I found it on the wiki page. Thanks for posting them, Pascal, I find many of them very useful.

Your check is in the mail…

Please post weird results here or send them to Keep in mind that Squish is nor intended for highly curved surfaces. Also, it works on meshes - it may help to Weld the meshes completely before squishing.


Thanks Pascal,

I might make a more defined experiment on a particular surface - both as nurbs and mesh - and then post the
results if they are worth sharing.