Transform Each in Rhino?

Is there something similar to the Illustrator command, like I want to scale all numbers (or even groups) each from its respective center and maybe by percentage.
Is there a workaround for operations like this or a script?

Thanks a lot! Hannes

Hi @hannesgrebin, have you tried _BoxEdit ?



@clement Yes this is a nice idea but had to issues.

  1. I don’t want to type in all values for xyz why not one value just for percentage.
  2. it doesn’t respect groups but works on every item in the group.

Thought there is a script that uses the volume centroids as centers for each item (group). Want to #KeepItSimple


i can certainly script something which scales groups from their group boundingbox centroid but this would require that all your curves (even single ones, like for the numbers 1,2,3,5 and 7) are part of a group. Note that scaling from group centers may also bring some cases which are unexpected, eg. what happens if objects are part of nested groups ?

To make things easier from the user side, when working with such cases it may be better you keep the numbers as text objects and only explode them to curves when you know the scaling is right…and always retain a copy so you can change text or scaling afterwards.


Hi Hannes - see if BoxEdit n the V6/WIP offers more useful controls.