Scaling block control points seems broken in rhino 7

Hello! Im not sure if this is a bug, or if the way this functioned in rhino 6 was a bug.

I like to turn on control points for a group of blocks, then scale the distance between them. IE if you have a row of posts spaced at 36" and you want to quickly make them 42" you can scale1d the points of the blocks without effecting the block geometry.

In rhino 7 it is scaling the geo along with the points, which isnt very helpful.


points turned on :

Scaled points :

Press and hold the Shift key when you drag on one of the scaling handles.
Then it will be a 3D scale

yeah, I dont want a 3d scale though. In rhino 6 you could scale points without the block itself being scaled. It was very useful to use scale1d for changing the spacing between arrayed blocks without redoing the array etc.

Hmm… I’ll test, but in the meantime ScalePositions may help.
Also, Distribute

I see Scale1D does this but not gumball scaling, for what it is worth. I do think this is a bug in Scale, that should not happen.

RH-64983 Scale1D: Blocks scaled with insertion points


Sounds good, thanks Pascal! I didn’t know about ScalePositions, that helps!

RH-64983 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 20