Scaling a SUBd plane BUG

When scaling a subD plane, then offsetting it will create an offset proportional to the scaling, not the indicated amount. If you scale the plane up, then offset, the offset will be larger than indicated, if you scale down, smaller.

Thanks, I see that.
RH-82665 Offset scaled subD Plane error


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Hey Pascal,

Any update on this? It’s really crampin’ my style, man!!!


@perrasjewellery You can follow the YT regarding the status of it.
In the meantime, before running OffsetSubd of a scaled SubD, you can remove the scaling info with this workaround macro:

_ExtractControlPolygon Pause Enter _SelPrev _Delete _Sellast _ToSubd DeleteInput=yes Enter
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Thanks, man! I’ll try this!