Scaling a part to exact size

HI I have a part that I need to scale to exactly 2mm as shown.
Can someone tell me the best way to accomplish that ?

Thanks !

Hi Brett - you can do this using Scale if the goal is to scale the entire object. Assuming you want to scale from the center of that face, set the origin of the scale in the center of the circular face - if the edge is a circle, the Cen Osnap should do it, otherwise you might need to jump through some hoops. Set the first reference point on the edge of that face with the Near Osnap, then type in 1 and enter - that will scale the thing so that the distance between the base of the scale and the reference point is exactly 1. So - in this case 1 is a distance constraint, not a scale factor. If you place a base point and set a reference point, then a number entered is taken as a distance constraint that sets the desired distance between base and reference point. If you place the base of the scale on one edge and the reference point opposite, then use 2 as the distance constraint.


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