Scaling to a specific dimension

Must be a way to increase an objects size to a specific dimension once its drawn?

The scale command all have a provision for that. Instead of calculating a scale factor yourself, you select two ends of the geometry, and then type the distance apart you want those two point to be. Then Rhino calculates the scale factor for you.

Have a look at the Help article for the command you’re using, then play around with the option on a simple sample until you figure it out.

So if I have a spot on my model that 9.77 mm and I want it to be 10.25 can I type that in ?

Hello - well, if you have two locations (that you can snap to) on your object that you want to be 10.25 apart, start Scale, snap to one point, snap to the other, then type in 10.25 and Enter.


I see it now …


Thanks Pascal

I’m sorry my description didn’t make sense to you.

Actually it did. I was just experimenting and figured it out . Like ya said

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