Scaling 1D or other?

Hi Forum, I have a complex model of a 20’ boat I want to make 15” longer. There is some geometry on the back and front decks that need to stay to the size they are. The question is , this. Can I scale1D at certain non critical points to gain the length needed ( while maintaining the critical fore and aft geometry) to obtain the desired length not losing the polysurfaces? Thanks ,Mark

Yes, you can do it in Rhino. Use either Stretch command or CageEdit command (with Region to edit set to Local).

Also you can select surfaces and edges of those critical fore and aft geometry using Ctrl + shift + left clk and move them to the desired length

Be careful doing that sort of stuff. You might want to consider extending your bottom and side planes at the transom and create a new transom after. I used to cage edit fairly complete models and got into a lot of trouble when it would break joins between surfaces.

I use independent single axis scaling a lot on boat models but it helps if you make you 1st pick at the origin each time.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. All helpful!
My 2 concerns were 1- distorting original geometry to a rebuild state and 2- breaking up the joins and fairness in an overall model.
This gives me some things to try and be looking too for some potential problems.