Scale/Stretch Portion of Solid

I have a solid that I want to stretch a section to align with another solid. I looked at CageEdit, Scale1D, and Stretch; all of which are not accomplishing the desired outcome. Here is what I want to do:

But I’m not getting the whole line to move. Here is my 3dm:

3DR_Telemetry_Case_2.3dm (864.0 KB)

I was thinking of just using BooleanDifference with a box and the re-fillet the edges, but I’d like to know the way to accomplish what I like using a more eloquent way. Thanks!


  1. Turn on the gumball.
  2. Hold down shift and command and click the surface you want to bring flush and the two radius surfaces at its ends.
  3. If the you know the distance you want to move to make it flush use the arrow on the gumball.
  4. Alternatively use the move command and line up the midpoint of the “bring flush” surface with the midpoint of the red surface.

Should look like the picture below with the correct surfaces selected.


Also David

Thanks, I was able to move the surface, however I have something left over. Take a look

When I undo, and look at the fillet, I see some extra edges

These edges are NOT on the top of the solid

So, something must have gone wrong when I filleted the inside corner. I performed a MergeAllFaces and a MergeAllEdges, but yet the remain. Any ideas?

P.S. How did you get your left toolbar to be two icons wide? I can only get it to be five icons wide. Thanks!

I figured out the sidebar issue; needed to turn off command box.

In looking closer at thing, it appears as if the bottom of the fillet is open.

I guess I need to fix that.