Scale Issue

I have been trying to reduce the size of individual triangles as shown in “scale problem.3dm”. The position of the triangles can’t change, only the size of the triangles. I need to offset the triangles by 2 mm so it will fit into the “finished object.3dm” with room for the two pieces to be electroplated (see “finished objet.3dm”). I will be creating three panels of the “scale problem.3dm”, one for each side of the “finished object.3dm” The electroplating requires .015” (or 375 microns) between the edge of the triangle and the space that it occupies. I would like to scale all the triangles by .015” using the scale command one time rather than having to scale each individual triangle by .015” Is this possible?
exterior done.3dm (1020.7 KB) finished object.3dm (365.5 KB) scale problem.3dm (123.6 KB)

Hello - DupBorder all the faces, then OffsetMultiple, then PlanarSrf from the results, is, I think the quick way out. Delete the input faces. The trick will be to pick a point that OffsetMultiple understands is inside - the lower left worked for me.


Thanks, Pascal. Haven’t used these commands before so it will take me a bit to get through them but your advice has always been spot on before - so thank you!

When you say to pick the lower left, did you mean the lower left triangle, the lower left of all the triangles or the left side of a given triangle?

Hello- I found the offset was to the outside if I clicked inside some triangles, but the lower left one seemed to get it right; it may be just easier to do just plain Offset and do them one at a time - takes two seconds.
I need to mess with OffsetMultiple and closed curves and see if I can figure out the rule…


Thanks, doing them one by one seems to work better.

Or, you need a script instead of OffsetMultiple… (5.0 KB)

@pascal I always thought this functionality should be a part of OffsetMultiple. And the masters chez vous can probably do it far better than my script…

That is one slick script!
Thank you!