"Scale" field/function for viewports?

In my Autocad Template I have a field set up to display the scale of the main viewport… If I adjust the view scale of the VP the field automatically updates. e.g. from 1/8"=1’-0" to 1/4"=1’-0". I imported that template into Rhino and most things seem to work. The date, modified, filename etc. However, scale does not. I found the R5 function list, bot saw nothing for VP scale. Does this or some similar tool exist?

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I understand scale is pretty critical when printing. Plus, it’s just good practice.

But, how does a viewport scale know if you’re on a 15 in laptop screen or a 30 in monitor? And, does it even matter? I zoom in and out so much that viewport scale is almost meaningless.

You can use the ScaleTo1 function to fake this in parallel views - I made a script that might help, if you are feeling adventurous

ZoomTools.zip (1.6 KB)

Unzip, then drag and drop the rvb file onto rhino to set the aliases that will run the various scripts.

Use ZoomCalibrate to set up the scale zooming for your monitor , then ZoomScale should help in Parallel views.


I probably was not clear in my question. It is VP scale as it refers to a printable layout Page/Tab.

If I understand it correctly, I second the wish to have a new Text Field called DetailScale that can point to a detail. The scale that is returned is, of course, the scale that you can find on the properties tab for a detail.

I’m new to Rhino. But I take it from youR response, this function does not yet exist in Rhino 5.

Hi CalypsoArt


Just to be sure,
Are you aware of layouts in Rhino and the Details on it that can be set to a scale. Details are in basis just like viewports and might provide the functionality you are after
I suggest to start here:

Feel free to come back with any more questions!


Thanks, I’ve had that page bookmarked for while. I don’t recall a text field being able to read & display a Detail VP scale. But it’s been a while since I fired up Rhino. Attached is an example of what I do in AC. Often I have to print the same layout in different scales. The field (gray box) displays the print scale of objects within the viewport… This is what I would like to add to my Rhino Template.

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Can you tell me how you did this in AutoCAD. Sounds like a useful feature. Could it be added to a dynamic block?

Insert Field>object> (select your Viewport frame)>Custom Scale>Format

I’ll second the utility of a scale display. My output is typically targeting cnc/3d printing rather than a paper printer, but scale display still has the same utility, and model units would be a plus as stl readers often want mm. In addition, when I change scale/units in Rhino, it’s kind of annoying to need to recenter and zoom all views, including non-parallel ones, so I finally got around to automating that in the script recently posted here Change Scale/Units and Keep Layout


Has this been implemented into Rhino 6? Just curious where this request landed.


Hi Shane - you can track this on our bug tracker:


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Thanks Pascal!

RH-31361 is fixed in the latest WIP