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Is there a viewport scale grid/ widget somewhere as a YouTrack, to be able to visualise what a certain ‘on screen’ length equates to in the file units? Similar to a map, being able to visualise at different zoom levels what a certain length measures as on screen.

@lando.schumpich has made such a tool

Zoom > 1To1 ?
You first need to use Zoom1To1Calibrate to calibrate it to your screen.

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Thanks @Helvetosaur.
Missed out on that one, it’s very useful in jewellery work.

Trying to Macro it [following the Macro help] but '_Zoom 1To1 EnterEnd is incorrect…

Thanks a lot

Thanks All - Gijs has pointed me in the right direction.

this should already be enough as the 1to1 ends the command

thanks a lot @Gijs