On screen scale indication?

I would like to have a scale indication in the viewport.

Kind of like what you’d expect on a google maps for example. Is there an option or plugin for this?

hi Simon not that I am aware of any plug in, there is at least _Zoom _1 To1 which can display an object in real size. layout details can be displayed in any scale either, but unfortunately nothing dynamic.

hi @simon9,
i coded up a small plug-in for that as i also often thougth this would be nice to have:


I’ll upload the current version here right now and add some more options later on.
Rhino 6 Windows
ScaleOverlay.rhp (44.5 KB)

Rhino 6 Mac
ScaleOverlay.macrhi (17.7 KB)

The Plugin Adds just one Command: ToggleScaleOverlay which enables (or disables) the overlay.

Let me know what you think i plan on adding a simple options page for color, textheight, margins, etc…


Small update to v0.1:
There is now an Option page for most relevant settings i could think of.
Have fun :slight_smile:


oh maan…

i hate to be a party pooper but on occasions like that i really feel left behind using a mac version of Rhino. guys start scripting with rhino common for platform independency… or at least python. ranting out.

Good point @encephalon I might try to implement the options page in eto as a learning experience which would make this platform independent (it’s all rhinocommon except that).

It still will probably work only for r6 and rhino Mac WIP. I can’t develop for R5 because I don’t own it

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@lando.schumpich that would be indeed sweet and paradigmatically exemplary!

Ok next update post:
Plugin is up to v0.2, i rebuild the options page in eto and also added small dividers on the scale similar to a ruler. The Original post has been updated to include the current version.
This should work on both Mac and Rhino since now there are no windows-only dependencies. I would appreciate if there are errors if you could let me know :slight_smile:

Also the code is up on GitHub for anyone interested.
(Don’t look to hard i still need to comment the code and remove unused bits ;))

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Hi Lando,

That looks super awesome man, thanks so much for your effort.

However I’m unsure how to install this plugin. Rhino doesn’t find the expected file extensions when trying to install this from the options menu? I’m on Rhino 5 if that makes a difference?

Hey @simon9 thanks!
This plug in was compiled for rhino6 so I will have to read up on compiling for r5 also.
As I’m on vacation this probably won’t happen before next week …

In any case ETO doesn’t run in Rhino 5.

We’ve upgraded to Rhino 6,

But I’m still unsure how to install this plug-in? Can’t find it in the plug-in option window…

Make sure to unblock the file that you downloaded. Then drag-and-drop the rhp file onto a Rhino 6 instance. That should do it.

Next update:
Up to plug in Version v0.3:

  • Made Settings persistent
  • Added a “Styles” option to choose between different types of scales
  • Added an Option to change the text font
  • Did some clean up on the code and added documentation

I’ll update the original post with the current version

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Did you figure out how to install it?

Hi Lando,

Unfortunately not actually. I downloaded the latest version from your GitHub, but there isn’t any rhp file in the folder like Wim Dekeyser describes?

Hi Simon - the GitHub page allows you to download the source code. If you are a developer, that will make it possible for you to modify, add features, …

You should download the ScaleOverlay.rhp file that Lando added (and updates) in his post here:

thanks @lando.schumpich for sharing this nice plugin and the code

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Since you already use Eto for the UI you should be able to just create a .macrhi from your RHP.

  • create a folder called ScaleOverlay.rhp
  • copy the plug-in file ScaleOverlay.rhp to the folder ScaleOverlay.rhp
  • create an archive from the folder ScaleOverlay.rhp
  • assuming your archive is now called ScaleOverlay.rhp.zip rename it so it is called ScaleOverlay.macrhi
  • distribute to Rhino v6 Mac users
  • world domination

(Instructions from https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/rhinocommon/plugin-installers-mac/ )


  • Mac user downloads .macrhi
  • Mac user drops .macrhi on running v6
  • Mac user happy (warm, fuzzy feeling of inclusion)

I assume like so:

ScaleOverlay.macrhi (17.7 KB)