Scale and Array Parabola along 3 curves

I am an architecture student and it’s my first time using rhino. For my study I have to rebuild/remodelling the Henderson waves bridge. The parabola geometry is to run along 3 curves (array). Also, the size of the parabola should adapt to the 3 curves. Do you have suggestions for me?
Referenzobjekt.3dm (2.1 MB)

I would use sweep2rails surface and then surface split, remove pieces that are not needed and give the rest thickness with offset.

Referenzobjekt6.3dm (9.0 MB)

In grasshopper I creat every single parabola. Maybe there is a way, that I can creat all parabolas at the same time with one formula. Along the three reference lines the parabolas should be lined up and the size should depend on the lines.
ReferenzobjektSa1.3dm (4.3 MB)

Thank you! How did you make the panels ? That you no longer have a whole surface.

Oh sorry, I thought you made that without Grasshopper. I mentioned above that after splitting the surface, you remove the unnecessary pieces and give the rest surface a thickness with offset, but remember it’s Rhino surface modelling and not Grasshopper. (See attached rhino file above).