Attraction parametric


I’m trying to make a parametric facade for my building. Want to have a shape scale in size when it gets closer to the biggest floorplate of my building.

since they are in different planes, I’m not too sure how to associate them together.

on a seperate note, does anyone know how to make a script not so laggy? I have this giant file that takes eons to load properly. (752.5 KB)

Hope this is what you looking for.
To my understanding, people on this forum are very generous, but also really don’t like to complete others’ projects/homework. It is reasonable. So if you follow the rules here, you will get many quick responses. Help Us Help You - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum. It is a reminder, hope it does not feel cocky.

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And please close the other post if they are overlapping.

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noted, and thank you a lot for the help, unfortunately, I didn’t end up going with that I had to compromise due to the time crunch but this is definitely something helpful for me when I touch up my portfolio.

thanks a lot for the help, normally whenever I post anything here, I probably worked on it hours beforehand and couldn’t figure it out. But my hours were crunching so I designed something entirely different in the end.

coming from the picture, I meant to have the squares get bigger as its closer to the middle floor. I keep having this problem where they do their own thing in each individual panel.

When I tried doing ur code Im a bit confused. I’ve never used Isocurve, but its a bit different from what you have shown. idk if its a different version, or maybe i’m searching the wrong thing entirely. (1.4 MB)

There are two components that have similar names and do similar things: IsoCurve and Iso Curve.
Mine is IsoCurve, and yours is Iso Curve.

I assume Iso Curve cost more because it computes both UV.
But if you like to use it, you need to input a point to the uv socket. Actually, it is not a point, it just tells the Iso Curve I like to get UV curves which are U at 0.5 and V at 1. I hope you don’t forget to reparameterize the surface(red circle).

Your GH above is too heavy to run. Please attach a simplified version.