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I am working on parametric grid that is divided into 1mX1m squares. these surfaces are created from Sin and Square curves that was done by graphing tools on grasshopper. Please help us how to divide these surfaces evenly on 1mX1m squares. each points should be divided into 1m, but for some reason, these lines are not 1m even.

I have attached a images on grasshopper and perspective views on rhino.

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Please post your Grasshopper file with the curves internalised.

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sin (17.2 KB)
Sorry for the reply. I have attached a grasshopper file that I have been working on.

Thank you.

For one thing, all of this:

Can be replaced by this. The first two Graph Mapper components are doing nothing.

More important though is that isocurve spacing doesn’t work the way you may expect it.

Thank you. That helped to cleared my problems alot.
Is there anyway to make grid that is created by 1M curve rectangles, Please give me a tip.

Thank you.

Like this? Though they are 1/10th unit squares.

sin (16.5 KB)

Top view:

P.S. Oh wait, I hadn’t looked at the Z coordinates…

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I’m not entirely sure about what you are trying to do?

sin (23.9 KB)

Thank you for taking time to help.
I am trying to make a system of grids that is made out of 1M lines. Also the base grids needs to be out of 4 lines (rectangles). Rectangles can be reshaped but each lines has to be 1M.
Another words, each grid surfaces are made out of 1M lines of grid.

That doesn’t clarify anything for me. Do you expect the surface fragments to be one unit square? On a double curved surface? That’s not gonna happen since the curves (in Z) will change everything.

Sorry for not helping to clarify. The surface fragments to be one unit square, but each square line needs to be 1M always. Surfaces can be change in shapes but has to be made out of 1M unit square.

That only works for flat surfaces, not double curved surfaces.

Thank you for your help. I will see on flat surfaces first.

Strictly speaking, it can be done with surfaces curved in only one direction, not two. (26.7 KB)

Thank you so much. I will try to see if that works.

Triangles usually work best on doubly curved surfaces, but they are far from identical.

sin (24.0 KB)

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This is amusing. I took some beam sweep code I wrote for another thread and applied it to your surface.

sin (14.6 KB)

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I really appliciate your information. I will test that and see what happens.