Scale 5 Percent


How to scale the object to the specified percentage?

For example ! _Scale (Scale factor 5 percent)


Scale factor 0.05
uncontrolled reduction

Well, typing in a scale value of 0.05 will scale it TO 5% of the original size, to reduce it BY 5% you would enter a factor of 0.95.

I understood.

factor 1 = 100%

factor of less than 1 will decrease, and the factor is greater than unity will increase

0.95 = 95%
0.05 = 5 %

1.05 = +5%

Thank you all

Аnother question

As the scale of the model:

x 12.36
y 12.25
z 5.91


x 19.78
y 19.61
z 9.46

Use BoxEdit

Or ScaleNU.

if the geometry isnt complex and you dont like to play with Scale command, u can just simply turn on Edit point or use Component selection to move your object to whatever size you like.

If the scale is uniform and you have a “from” and a “to” size, you can enter a fraction on the command line.

When asked for the scale factor, type 19.78/12.36 for example.

You can do this for each individual x, y, z value if you use ScaleNu as well.


Thank you very much!
Today I learned a lot of interesting ways to scale