How about a general Rhino category?

I ran into this uncategorised topic:

I could not decide where should that be categorised?
How about a general Rhino cat. with 2 subs for windows and mac specifics?


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Rhino for Windows

I think this was discussed at some point… I think the “general” consensus is to leave general Rhino questions in the Rhino for Windows category.

I do see your point, though. There are general Rhino questions that can apply to both versions, as well as both Mac- and Windows-specific questions. Oftentimes these overlap, though…


I’m indecisive once in a while myself. When categorizing a post that is not specified, I tend to look at the history of the poster. But yes, often things apply to both versions. Then again, as discussed in a Mac thread a while ago, there is nothing that automates functionality introduced on one platform to also be introduced on the other. As such, I favor pushing threads that are left open into one of the categories. But, no, it’s not totally correct…