Rhino Autosave excessive

I’m working with a large rhino file (1.14Gb), and rhino is autosaving extremely frequently, resulting in frequent freezes while it saves, and the autosave files eating my drive space at an alarming rate (15-20Gb PER DAY). this means that I have to manually go in and delete the autosave files daily to stop my machine run ning out of disk space (im using a late model iMac with 40Gb ram and a 250Gb SSD - most files are stored on network file servers)

is there any way the autosaves can be automatically purged? maybe keeping only the last N saves? - I dont need or want the ‘versions’ functionality. but I do need to be able to control my disk usage, and how often the autosaves happen. I’m not sure what triggers an autosave, but there are times when I’m working hard and it seems like it is autosaving about ever 4 minutes…

Hi Ben4.
I manually use Onyx to delete versions of Rhino files. However I believe it is possible to set Onyx to do it automatically.


Hey @Ben4-

Hopefully you’ve found this already: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/mac/autosaving

I should not that I have still not found a viable way to disable Auto Save in Mojave. I would be interested to test one if anyone knows a way.

hi dan, asking apple brings probably zero results as usual? did you ever get any feedback from them at all?

Hi Ben - This is probably an inadequate solution, but due to Apples inefficient forced autosave feature, I’ve gone back to hitting “Save As” all the time now (over and over and over… :frowning: . It’s a lot less time consuming than going to Revert and clearing all the old versions manually. For example, you can clear all previous versions with a couple of keystrokes by simply hitting “Save As” and overwriting your current file. Try this experiment: Go to Revert and notice all the previous versions clogging your drive. Return to your file without clearing them, and hit Save As and overwrite your file. When you check the revisions again, you’ll find there won’t be any. Poof - all gone. Its a poor substitute for a better autosave approach, but it quickly becomes automatic. After making several edits to my files, I reflexively hit Save As and overwrite to clear all those useless copies. Sorry, I haven’t come up with a better solution… yet. Buzz

I am a strong believer in versioning.

I’ve found Rhino’s saves pretty reliable, so it’s usually for my being able to regress my work, because I have no UPS on my desktop computer, and because some of the projects I tend to do, hit the computer pretty hard. My 4-year old laptop does not appreciate Rhino’s real time raytracing.

I usually start and end the day with a new save. I usually bump up the save before and after each major change, and often between cups of coffee. I back up at least the stuff I have that I don’t want to be forever lost.

Anyway, because of the way that operating system number files*, I use leading zeros, such as:
Diner 001.3dm
Diner 001.3dm
Diner 002.3dm
Diner 003.3dm

Which would allow me to have 1001 (dalmatians–err ) nice ordered files without renaming at any point.

The incremental save in Rhino works out to several zeros. At one time, there was a way to do a small incremental save, but I don’t think it works anymore.

*In ASCII sorting, 13 numbered files would be sorted like:
Diner 1.3dm
Diner 10.3dm
Diner 11.3dm
Diner 12.3dm
Diner 12.3dm
Diner 13.3dm
Diner 2.3dm
Diner 3.3dm
Diner 4.3dm
Diner 5.3dm
Diner 6.3dm
Diner 7.3dm
Diner 8.3dm
Diner 9.3dm

No, unfortunately not.