Save various curves as different dxf files

Hi all,
I have multi tasks to operate. it’s quite simple but I would like to have it done faster.
I draw 6 facade around 250 panels with perforation. I need to save each panel with its perforation into seperate dxf files for CNC production.
Edge of panel is closed curve plus its perforation. I knwo the save cluster but never used it before and do not know how to select each panel, perforation included and save each in a dxf with a diferent name, whatever it is.
Attaced Rhino file with a partial facade for lighter 3dm.
Thank yoursave-as-dxf2.3dm (13.7 MB)

Hey @CorbelS ,
I think you forgot to attach that file at least I don’t see it

yes, sorry.
It’s done.

How are these being attached? Face fastened or do you need returns?

Requires Elefront Plugin.

re (15.5 KB)

Here i added dims. You can also send these to pdf.

re Save-as-dxf with (19.3 KB)

Panel Number 0.pdf (76.6 KB)

Panel Number 0.dxf (262.2 KB)

Thank you. I’ll download Elefront and test you proposal.
What shall I understood with «BL-perforation » and BL-Limited »?

all is ok, working well.
with EleFront, I had to download also Human plugin, might be I’m working with Rhino5.

Thank you.

My bad, i thought i removed all the Human components (tree frog), a great plugin to have regardless.