Export Geometry to Rhino 5

I have a script that isolates the geometry in the Rhino file per layer and then exports that geometry to another Rhino file. For example, if my file as layers called “glass”, “frame”, and “wall”. It would export the geometry into 3 different files call “glass”, “frame”, and “wall”. I’m using Elefront’s “Export Objects” node to do this.

The end result is that I want to bring that geometry into Revit as individual families.

The problem is that Revit, apparently, can only insert .3dm files from Rhino 5. Not Rhino 6. Does anyone know if I can specify, with this node or a node from a different plugin, which version of Rhino to save these files as? Or even if there is a Python or C# way to do so?


Hi @c.woodward10,
You can use the File3dm class and it’s Write method to write rhino 5 files.


This might be hard depending on your experience with the rhino common library. If you don’t succeed feel free to upload a small example file and your desired output and I will write you an example tomorrow

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Hi, @lando.schumpich

Thanks for the answer. That seems like it would do the trick. I haven’t tried it yet though as I realized Rhino Inside could solve my problems quite easily. If this problem comes up again though, I will try it and post back here if that works.