Save object in multiple file formats

When I try to save object in few file formats by lunchbox plugin I’ve got multiple errors. What am I doing wrong? Is there better plugin or way to do that? (16.6 KB) test_save.3dm (58.8 KB)

Anyone? I have to save lot of files in 7 file formats each… :confused: Any tips?

Hi S.Wac,

This works perfectly fine for me.
Is there any chance you could try making sure that the test folder exists?
I don’t know if the “.” in your name is causing problems. maybe try C:\test?

Test folder exists. There is no window with error now but it stops in the middle of command. Look at command line in rhino. I’ve also tried to run rino as admin.
It shows “C:\test/test.3dm” Shouldn it be “C:\test\test.3dm”

That panel with the file name does not look like it has been set to multiline.

I’m guessing it is trying to export

which is not gonna work.

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Thanks. Now it works. It create files but after it finish grasshopper window (canvas) freeze. I cannot set another object. I have to restart rhino to use it again. Is it possible to make it work multiple times without restart?

That looks like a bug and I don’t think I can help you as I am experiencing the same thing.

you can contact the company that developed it at the following:

Thanks for confirmation that problem is occurring on another computer too. I’ve wrote to them.

If anyone was looking for this problem was the button. It should be “True only” version. But still this plugin has some bugs. It is not working with all extensions (for eg. stp has 0bytes after save).

I’ve also tested Elefront Export objects component but it doesn’t save 3ds.

Best solution for this turned out to be Pancake Export As component. It saved all extensions correctly.

hello @s.wac
I opened your definition and file and it seems to be working as it was designed in Rhino 6. Clicking the button produces two files (test1 and test2) containing your sphere.

It looks like you are trying to do this with Rhino 7 WIP based on your comments. LunchBox is built towards Rhino 6 and uses Rhino 6’s Rhinoscript to send save commands. It’s an older method and could probably benefit from using more direct Rhinocommon methods.

When Rhino 7 is officially released as a commercial product I’ll be upgrading our plugins to support it.


I’d be surprised if the “true only” button doesn’t cause you more trouble. The “freezing” problem you’re experiencing is an oolllllddddd bug in grasshopper. Just use a toggle and remember to set it back to false when you’re done and it should be fine.

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Hello @archinate1
I’m using Rhino 6. As I wrote in my previous answer first problem was solved but there is extension issue. Can you check if stp format is working with object save component on your computer? When I’m trying to save it it has 0bytes.

“True Only Button”? Is that a Lunchbox thing? Not standard in Rhino 6.

Would anything break if the standard button were fixed to trigger only ‘mouseDown’ events?
(instead of both ‘mouseDown’ and ‘mouseUp’ events?)

True only button is in Pancake plugin. I’m sure there are some solutions where standard button is needed. In this case only boolean toggle or true only button works correctly. I guess standard button turns false too fast… before all extensions are saved.

my apologies I was getting it confused with the True Only Button component from Human UI, I am not familiar with the one from Pancake.

:open_mouth: my bad

I didn’t realize Human UI also has one and I’m also bad at naming…