Save multiple file to Rhino 5

Hi there!
I’m totally new with rhino/pythonscript, apologies if i ask something obvious.
My problem is the following:
i have a grasshopper file, and in the end i bake multiple objects into different .3dm files with lunchbox.
the problem is, i need these files to be in rhino 5 version instead of rhino 6. i found no solution for this in grasshopper, so i figured it may could be solved with rhinoscript.
it should open files from a folder, and save them as version 5 .3dm.
is it possible to do this in rhinoscript / pythonscript? can someone point me in a direction to start with this?
thanks in advance

I have this script from my library - it should work (can’t test here)… (1.5 KB)

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Thank you very much!!
I managed to get the savesmall sample script from the rhino 5 samples to work somehow, but it was a much uglier solution than yours. This works perfectly.
Thank you!