Batch saving geometry as older 3DM file type v5


I am using the Object Save component in the Lunchbox plugin to export polysurfaces as individual files with a naming convention I have set up. I am exporting them using the extension .3dm to be imported into Solidworks. However, Solidworks will only recognise Rhino 5 files and I am using Rhino 6. Is there a way to set the version of 3dm file that is exported automatically either on this component or some other way with a script?

Rhino6 can save in Rh5 format.:grinning:

Yep I know, but I need to do it automatically not in the dialog box as I have to export hundreds of different parts. The file extension .3dm that you can set in the Lunchbox component does exactly what I need except as far as I know there’s no way to have it save in version 5 format. Can this be set in the Rhino options as a default, I can’t see anywhere to do that. Cheers

Here is a batch save as V5 script which will save all files in a given folder as V5 format. Note this does not overwrite the originals, it saves new V5 format files with a “-V5” suffix appended to the file name. (1.5 KB)

Great, thanks! I’ll check it out

Thank You